Join/Start a Team

Join/Start a Team

We can achieve a lot more together than we can alone!

Each World Partnership Walk team has a unique story and motivation. For some, it is a great way to mobilize their friends and family to put their global citizenship into action. For others it is a fun opportunity to engage colleagues or classmates in a cause that is close to their hearts. Whatever the motivation, teams are an enjoyable way to work together and make positive global change possible. Ready, set, join/start a team!

First, select your city


We have a created some excellent tools to help you grow your team, raise awareness, and reach your fundraising goal! Click here to access our fundraising toolkits.




What type of team will you start?

Tots & Tykes Teams

A fantastic way to engage your child’s preschool and promote the value of teamwork and helping others!

School Teams

Join other classrooms (Grades 1-12) across Canada in the fight against global poverty!

University and College Teams

Have a global impact while showing future employers your leadership and team-building skills!

Friends and Family Teams

Become a community leader and encourage friends and family to help you make a positive impact!

Workplace Teams

Step forward with thousands of motivated Canadians. Have an impact, together as a workplace!